Albert Houk Jr's Page

Born Albert Houk, Jr. second child of Albert Eve and Yvonne Houk
in Horton, Kansas, September 7, 1921.  
		Albert had three wives:
					     Frances Virginia Ledbetter
					     Hazel Anderson

		Albert died in Villa Rica, Georgia, Thursday, May 21, 1998 of complications after surgery.  He was buried in the veteran's cemetery in Sumter, Florida.

Children of Albert Houk and Frances Virginia Ledbetter are: 

Carol Ann Ledbetter   b. 00/00/0000, , d. 00/00/0000, .

Children of Albert Houk and Hazel Anderson are:

Susan Marie Anderson  b. 00/00/0000, , d. 00/00/0000, .

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