2022 Brings a new program.
 The performance is 
 by .
 Be proud of our team
 they performe admirably.

Director David Barton The photos are in! Photos: Linfield College
Grants Pass
Sunset High School
2021 Photos
2019 Photos
2018 Photos
Photos Courtesy of Steven Houk and Katherine Houk at Grants Pass.


Class: Marching Band AA
Members: 53
McMinnville OR

Program Title: Juxtaposed

Director: David Barton

Design Staff:

Craig Fitzpatrick -- Music arranging
David Barton -- Drill and Visuals arranging

Instructional Staff:

Alexis Pattison -- Color Guard Instructor
Niah Andrus -- Percussion Instructor

Student Leaders:

Katie Hinthorn -- Drum Major

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The Final Show!

November 5 2022

Congratulations to Mac Band!
From a score of 59 at the Linfield competition to a score
of 71.05 in the preliminary Challenge and a place
in the finals at the NWAPA University of Oregon Festival of Bands
which we scored 72.8. This season has been amazing!
Our students poured their heart and soul on the field at
Autzen Stadium, and the judges agreed.
This is the first time Mac Band has been in the
finals at championships and the highest score
these students have ever earned.

Rainy Arrival!

Get Your Band Bands On Your Hands.

Suit Up! And Line Up!

Ignore The Snail!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

The Talk!

Take The Field!

The Show Begins!

Meet The Band!

Meet The Duck!

Awards Ceremony!

No Award BUT!
The Band Scored High Enough To Play In The Second Round!

Great Job!!!

Now More Practice! And The Final Talk...

You made It, They liked You!
That's why your in The Finals

Now Just Play For Each Other And Yourselves

It's On!

Here we are At Liberty Marching Arts,
Challenge October 22, 2022

Your Close Ups.
Keep Playing!

Thanks For Not Posing.

What We Work For.

Sunset High School!

They Had Their Event At Home
And Did A Great Job!

Here is the arrival and setup photos,
October 15, 2022

A Shady Spot To Practice
Every Note Counts!

Your Being Judged!
You Will Do Fine!

Too Much Wind!

Grants Pass!

The Drive Was Worth
All That Fun!

Here is the arrival and setup photos,
October 8, 2022

The Pep Talk!

Play to someone you know, Like they'er here!

The March To The Field.
It's An Odyssey.

Is The Assemble Ready?
We Are Always Ready!

Yes They Took The Field.
Prelims AA Class High Visual
Prelims AA Class High Music
Prelims AA Class First Place .

Prelim Score Sheet

Finals Score Sheet

Something Wonderful Happened Next.
You Made Friends!

We Placed In The Finals.
The Whole School Should Know.

Linfield University.
With training session after 1st performance .

This was setup and practice
September 24, 2022

First performance.

Linfield University!

After performance training.

Back for food

and more practice!

2nd performance


Grants Pass!

First performance.

This set is from Parents Night.
November 2, 2021

These are the past Seniors we wish them
the best in their future!


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