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Born on :
October 12, 1840 .

Born in :
Jamestown (Monitau Co.) Missouri.

Married on :
December 19, 1866 .

Married in :
Miller Co. Missouri.

Died on :
January 19, 1928 .

Died in :
Centertown (Cole Co.) Missouri.

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!850 Census

1860 Census


Facts / Sources Section for


	  Front row:         Mary Jane            John Thomas               Benjamin Griffin
	  Back row:          Rose Etta            Dora Elizabeth            Joseph Franklin
She was my fathers, fathers, mothers, mother.
If you're trying to find your relationship to me.
Mary Jane (Bird) Pace wife to John Thomas Pace was the daughter of George W. Bird and Rebecca Salen.

		She had at least five brothers and sisters:

		(This Information is from the 1850 Census
		See the 1860 Census for even more siblings)

		Eli       11 yrs.

		Mary Jane 10 yrs.

		Elizabeth 8  yrs.

		John      6  yrs.

		Nancy     4  yrs.

		Henry     7  months 

		Children of John Thomas Pace and Emily Taylor:

			Benjamin Griffin pace         Born December 12, 1867 Cole Co. Mo.

  			                            Married Louisa Flippin

 			                             Died April 26, 1911.

			Joseph Franklin pace          Born August 21, 1870 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married Cora Long

 			                             Died July 9, 1962.

			Cora Isabelle Pace            Born February 13, 1872 Centertown Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married February 11, 1892.

			                              Frank D Houk

 			                             Died June 2, 1960.

			Dora Elizabeth pace           Born November 21, 1874 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married Tillman Flippin

			                              Died January 1, 1903.

			Rose Etta pace                Born May 12, 1877 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married Henry Maier

			                              Died September 14, 1930.

			Emily Jane pace               Born September 2, 1879 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married Isaac Clark

 			                              Died N/A

			Mary Catherine pace           Born February 20, 1882 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married William Cooper

			                              Died August 28,1956

New information Just added 07/13/02 Was collected from a trip to Washington DC.
to the National Archives to research this information From 1850 census Moniteau Co. Mo..
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