Data on Christopher:

		Born     Nov 12 1884		Place    Moniteau Mo.

		Married  Feb 11 1892		
		Died     Nov 7  1940		Place    Calhoun Mo.

		Buried   Sept 11 1925		Place    Laurel Oak Cemetery Windsor, Mo.

		There are other members of the family there as well.
		Christopher was the son of Frank Houk and Martha Ellen Prine
		Frank's first wife. In 1910 Christopher was still in Winsor Township Henry Co. Missouri on Benton Road, but
	        he now had a wife Bertha L. Le Feaver and a son 3. he worked as a wagon driver for a feed dealer.

		On April 4 1911 they had a daughter Mabel Lee Houk. But on Jan 3rd of 1913 Mabel contracted scarlet fever and 
		within nine days. she died Jan 12, 1913. She is buried in Winsor. 

		In 1920 Christopher lived in Colony Township Greeley Co. Kansas. He was a general farmer he was married and 
		had three Children. By 1930 5 years after the death of his father Christopher lived in Fredom Township 
		Bourbon Co. Kansas. His wife of 23 years Bertha L. who was a year older then he was and three of his 
		children Herbert C. 21, May A.(or E) 16 and Lulu B 11. were living living on a farm that Christopher owned. 
		The farm in 1930 was valued at $4000.


		Christopher C Houk  	Abt 1876
		Bertha L Houk 		Abt 1875
		Herbert C Houk	 	Abt 1899
		May E Houk	 	Abt 1904
		Lulu B Houk	 	Abt 1909

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