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Welcome to the start of my biggest change ever.

Just a few words before you start.

 <--- To enter Houktree just click to the left.
 This will take you to the menu page of Houktree.
 This is a genealogy website with each of its pages being
 a collection of information on that individual.
 with links to their parents and children. 
 I can add any data for the family at your request once approved.

 The menu has 2 Main genealogy sections

      "Family Tree Data" this is my direct line going back in the family but 
       each person in the tree will link to all their known families members. 
       (sons, daughters, and parents)

      "Sirname Data" is an alphabetical list of all the people by last names 
	 which is great if your not in my direct family line.

      The Cemetery sends you to a site with a list of links by 
      family group. These have pictures of the markers and stones.


These are people who have helped me or sent in information and pictures.

To Dave McCormick for embarrassing me into the .com realm
Marguerite Madsen for getting me started.
Carol Shipman for showing me the power of the website.
Betty Johnson for all the Houk history.
Cathy Kramer for all the photos
Susan Gueydan for the Gueydan history
Patsy Ryan for the photos and stories
Darlene Bromley for her hard work and documents
Candy Goran for taking the time to send me data.
David Simmons
Betty Periman.

Last update Oct 11, 2006