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Here is the data Born on : 10/04/1865. Born in : Centralia Illinois. Married on : 09/25/1902. Married in : Paris, France. Died on : 06/02/1952. Died in : Sioux City, Iowa. Buried Graceland Cemetery 2701 S Lakeport St Sioux City, Iowa 51106 For some reason most galleries list Charles birth as 1868 but I have many documents confirming 10/04/1865

Here are the documents

1910 Census 1908 Immigration 1924 Immigration 1945 Immigration This is a picture of the cabin Charles lived in located North of Pittsburg
This is a picture of the cabin as is looks today Yes! it's still there.
This is from a newspaper talking about Charles Caption 1 Caption 2 This is a Painting by Charles of Jean Harlow
Below is a portrait of charles daughter painted when she was about 12, "Yvonne"
Here is a sketch of a painting from an article in the Sunday March 15, 1891 edition of the Morning Journal. This is the comments about the painting. Click for Comments Here is a picture of the painting in the above article. It was done at different times of the day for different effects. Its title is Morning in an Orchard Corner It was painted in 1891.
Here is an example I found of his early work. The photo is from an auction site. Its title is "Poppy Fields" and was painted in 1890 Dimensions are 16.5 x 12.8
This is a painting done for and printed in the Sunday, July 12, 1933 issue of the Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph in the Gravure Section. Titled "Champion". It's of Helen Wills, the noted women's tennis champion from 1923 to 1929.
This painting was commissioned by the subject. It was painted several times because the lady thought it looked too much like her. I can only guess that she thought that Charles could improve the way she would look in the portrait.
This was Charle's art tools given to me by my aunt. His aughter showed them to me when I was a small boy.
   Charles was my Great Grandfather

More photo of Brechamps

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                     This is Charles Thomas Heberer with his Wife Marcelline
                             their son Charles Ogden and Daughter Yvonne
                                    at their home in Brechamps
                                This is the only picture I've seen
                                 with the whole family together.

	I have more information on Charles than on anyone else in my family.
	It is very apparent that his daughter tried to keep everything she
	could from her father's life. Letters, books, pictures paintings etc.
	After Yvonne passed away all those records were passed down again. 
	To me since I showed some interest in researching the family history.
	This has now become an obsession. Please enjoy what I have created.
	   Charles Heberer was the son of Thomas heberer and
        Caroline Fredricker Voelker.
	He was born on October 4, 1865 in Centralia, Illinois. It is a
	small farming town about an hour East of St Louis Missouri. 
	His father was in the brewery business an had a depot/warehouse in the town.
	Charles was one of 10 children according to a obituary for his older 
	brother Herman. I've been to Bellville Illinois to research the 
	names of his siblings but I have only found a few. 
	I think I may now know why Charles was drawn to the field of art. 
	His Grandmother was a Fleischbein and a distant cousin 
	Fran├žois Fleischbein was painting successfully in New Orleans in the 
	mid 1800's. This may have stirred an interest in Charles at an early age. 
	What ever the reason may have been it must be noted that there sure was a 
	talent about to be discovered in his hands.
	According to documents I have Charles started his studies at the 
	St Louis School of Fine Art in St Louis, Missouri. He graduated from 
	Washington University. I have sketch books from his 
	school days that show an ever improving skill.

	I discovered that one of the sketch books I have was his brother Herman's.
	He did some drawings in his time as well.  However it appears that Herman
	went down another path.

	On May 23, 1887 the Daily American Nashville reported in the ART NOTES 
	section about Charles leaving for the "wider and higher technical
	atmosphere of the French Ateliers."  He would have been about 21 at the time.
	In other news articles its reported that he studied in Paris under Jules 
	Lefebre, Benjamin Constant at the Julian Academy of Arts in Paris, 
	He worked with Toulouse Lautrec and Charles Conder.
	Around 1900 he bought a house in the village of Brechamps. I often wondered how
	he found the small village of Brechamps. Was it while he painted in
	and around Paris. What did he admire about the village that drew him to move 
	there. Was it the landscape, the people, I guess I will never know. 
	Brechamps is a small village South West of Paris. 
	From here he walked the countryside and painted landscapes, farm animals and
	Norman woman. He traveled to neighboring towns and countries and was never
	without his oils. 
	   Charles meet a miller,s daughter near Fontainebleau and she became his model.
	Marcelline, from Esmans Senne et Marve was the subject in drawings and paintings. 
	He fell in love an married "Marcelline Prudence Leouie Anne Bonnemain", 
	in September of 1893 in Paris, France.
	They lived in Brechamps on and off until he returned to live in and Paint
	the hills North of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in America around 1924. 
	He lived out his final years in Hawarden, Iowa. He died in Sioux City, Iowa 
	on June 2, 1952.

	They had two children:


	Charles Thomas Heberer has artwork spread across Europe and the United States.
	For the sake of those who haven't had the opportunity to see his paintings, 
	I created the the next couple of pages to share all the pictures I have come 
	across. I have spent a great deal of time trying to get pictures of as many
	paintings as I can find. Many of the images you see on this site are do to
       contribution from Owners, Museums, Hospitals, etc.
       To all the people that have sent me pictures of the paintings I would like
       to say thank you very very much!


                    This is Charles Thomas Heberer with his Wife Marcelline.
                    They returned to Brechampes to sell their house and bring
                    their belongings to America in the 40's but the war
                    broke out and they were trapped there for several years.
                    An American "Thomas Marshal" Did all he could to clear up
                    the paperwork to get them home. 
                    You can see by the expressions it took a huge toll on them