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Born on :

Born in :
Centralia Illinois.

Married on :

Married in :
Paris, France.

Died on :

Died in :
Sioux City, Iowa.

Buried Graceland Cemetery
2701 S Lakeport St
Sioux City, Iowa 51106

Here are some documents

For some reason most
galleries list Charles
birth as 1868 but I have
many documents confirming

1910 Census

Passport ID

Here are photos
around Brechamps


Charles home

From back

The village


Website of Brechamps

This is from a newspaper
talking about Charles

Caption 1

Caption 2

This is a portrait
of charles daughter
painted when she was
about 12, "Yvonne"

This is the comments
about the painting.

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Here is a picture
of the painting
in the above article.
It was done in different
lights at different
times of the day.
Its title is
"Morning in an Orchard Corner"
It was painted in 1891.

We recently found images of
some of his early works
This is one I found in the internet
Its title is "Poppy Fields"
It was done in 1890
Its dimensions are 16.5 x 12.8

Here is another images of
one of his early works
Its title is
"La Celle au Pontaisie".
It was done in 1894
Its dimensions are 15.25 x 18.25

This early work is titled
"Shepherdess with Sheep"
Its dimensions are 16 x 13

These two paintings
sold at auction in 2000
"Governor Moscow"
"Prairie Queen"
Its dimensions are 8.2" x 12"

Click link to see several
pages of photos
of Brechamps an its people.

Brechamps photos


Charles was my
Great Grandfather


	    Charles was the last of ten children. He was around seven years of age 
	    when his father and brother Ewald died from an illness. He was very fortunate to
	    come from a prominent family that was able to further his education. His father
	    Thomas was a town alderman and was part owner of the City Park Opera house and 
	    a brewery in Belleville Illinois. However, he now had to live with his mother 
	    and brother Herman until he attended the St Louis School of Fine Arts. I know
 	    very little about his life between finishing school and leaving for France. I
	    do know while he traveled east making his way to the Atlantic Coast he stayed 
	    in Nashville and traveled through western Pennsylvania. On May 23, 1887 
	    the Daily American, Nashville reported in the ART NOTES section about Charles 
	    leaving for the "wider and higher technical atmosphere of the French Ateliers."
	    He would have been about 21 at the time. On May 26, 1887 
	    the Daily American reported on the First annual banquet on the Nashville School 
	    of Fine Arts in the private studio of the director, Mr George W. Chambers, 
	    in the Watkins Institute. 
	    Officers of the Art Association and a limited number of art lovers
	    sat at a long banquet board. the feature of the occasion was the 
	    departure , for a sojourn of five years in Paris, of Mr. Charles Heberer, 
	    Mr Chamber's valuable assistant. Mr. Heberer leaves.
	    Monday and goes direct by the steamer Egypt to France. 
	    As he traveled to meet his ship he passed through the western area of 
	    Pennsylvania and in it he saw a beauty that would stay with him and
	    draw him back later in life. A hazy rolling countryside set in the hills 
	    north of Pittsburgh. In 40 years this quiet country setting will be his home.

This is Charles Thomas Heberer on a steamer to France.
This would have been about 1887.
	    First to Paris. Charles studied in Paris at the Academie Julian under Boulanger,
	    Jules Lefebre, Benjamin Constant, and worked with Toulouse Lautrec and 
	    Charles Conder. He worked at his craft as most artist, in museums copying the
	    masters. He would paint and as visitors passed by they would ask to buy his 
	    paintings. He earned a living in doing this and painting murals in restaurants
	    and cafes. Times were good for Charles in the 1890's and he was successful 
	    enough to exhibit his works at the Paris Salon. These were works of morning and
	    evening landscapes in and around the Norman farmlands. In this period he started
	    to roam the Norman countryside-painting herds of sheep and cows. In this 
	    environment he met a young girl who would model for him often. Marceline was 
	    the daughter of Clement Bonnemaine. He shipped local vegetables to the markets
	    in Paris. Charles would eventually marry Marceline in Paris. Charles had a 
	    fondness for the writings of the poet Robert Burns. In his early period he 
	    often painted the subject. Around 1900 he bought a house in the village of
	    Brechamps. I often wondered how he found the small village of Brechamps. 

	    Was it while he painted in and around Paris? What did he admire about the
	    village that drew him to move there? Was it the landscape, the people, 
	    I guess I will never know? Brechamps is a small village South West of Paris.
	    From here he walked the countryside and painted landscapes, farm animals, and
	    Norman woman. He traveled to neighboring towns and countries and was never
	    without his oils. Charles was starting to make a good living from his own
	    paintings and started to purchase art from artists he revered. This he did 
	    from time to time for the rest of his life. The names of some of the 
	    artists he collected were:
	    Sir Joshua Reynolds, Diego Velázquez, Thomas Gainsborough, and Mieris.
	    Charles' knowledge of the great works were put to use after the war when he was
	    asked by the French government to help identify art that was looted from 

Charles at one of his shows in Paris.

Here are newest paintings. One found me, One changed hands and
One showed up in my mail box.

This one came
from the


This one arrived by
Photo sent by
Marie Welton
Pastoral Symphony
Sold by Gallery
by Ringling Brothers Museum
32"X39 1/2" $6500

I'm sorry for the quality of some of the photos
below but they are old and were done with a poor camera.
Click on photo to enlarge.

These are paintings of the french countryside.

French farm Sunny hill Tending the flock

These are etchings from Moulton & Ricketts Gallery catalog
"Exhibition by Saint Louis Society of Artists"
Work in the exhibition by Charles.

Return of the flock Coming home Evening

This is the Changing home of Charles Heberer.
I like how he painted it in different lights and
how he changed its surroundings.

Morning Evening The lane Herding geese

More paintings of sites in and around the French village of Brechamps.

Brechamps Norman Village Brechamps Photo

Shepard Calves Small Bell

This is Charles Thomas Heberer with his Wife Marcelline
They are having a bit of fun in front of La Mairie in Brechampes.
His daughter Yvonne is in the back of the cart in the white hat.
I do not know who the little girl or the gentleman standing are but are most likely Marceline's brother and neice.

Click link to see several pages of
photos of Brechamps an its people.

Brechamps photos


	    Charles Thomas Heberer has artwork spread across Europe and the United States.
	    For the sake of those who haven't had the opportunity to see his paintings, 
	    I created the the next couple of pages to share all the pictures I have come 
	    across. I have spent a great deal of time trying to get pictures of as many
	    paintings as I can find. To all the people that have sent me pictures of the
	    paintings I would like to say thank you very very much!

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