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 Pennsylvania Period  

For some reason most galleries list Charles birth as 1868 but I have many documents confirming 10/04/1865

Here are the documents 1910 Census 1908 Immigration 1924 Immigration 1945 Immigration Passport ID This is a picture of the cabin Charles lived in located North of Pittsburg
This is a picture of the cabin as is looks today Yes! it's still there.
This is from a newspaper talking about Charles Caption 1 Caption 2 This is a Painting by Charles of Jean Harlow
Below is a portrait of charles daughter painted when she was about 12, "Yvonne"
This is the comments about the painting. Click for Comments Here is the picture of the painting
in the above article. It was done at different times of the day for different effects. Its title is Morning in an Orchard Corner It was painted in 1891.
Here is an example I found of his early work. This was found on an auction site. Its title is "Poppy Fields". It was done in 1890 Its dimensions are 16.5 x 12.8
This is a painting done for and printed in the Sunday, July 12, 1933 issue of the Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph in the Gravure Section. Titled "Champion". It's of Helen Wills, the noted women's tennis champion from 1923 to 1929.
This painting was commissioned by the subject. It was painted several times because the lady thought it looked too much like her. I can only guess that she thought that Charles could improve the way she would look in the portrait.
This work is of a farm road off Old Kummer Road that is now a paved road into a subdivision. The subject must have been one of Charles' favorite spots since we have seen it from every angle and in every season. It is one of my favorites too.
This is Charle's Studio in Pennyalvania. This is about 1926.


Charles was my Great Grandfather


     In January 1924 Charles and his wife Marceline sailed to Amercia
     on the SteamShip La Savoie.
     The trip had to be miserable judging from the look of the
     pictures they took. See them here:
            SHIP PIC     ONBOARD     ONBOARD     ONBOARD
     They traveled to Belleville Il. to see his mother and brother.
     Then traveled to 
     Meckling South Dakota to visit their son. Then he went to
     Oceola Missouri to see 
     his daughter Yvonne and two Grandchildren Marguerite and Albert.         
     Now the war has been over a few years and his visiting was over
     it was time he made a decision. While working in Paris as an 
     artist Charles met Mr. Thomas M. Marshall Jr an American who
     was happy to meet another American who knew Paris so well and
     upon seeing Charles skills became enamored with his work.  
     Mr. Marshall left Charles an open invitation to visit if he ever
     came to Pennsylvania. In the mid 20's Charles took him up on his 
     invitation and while staying with Thomas, Charles was urged to
     stay and live on Mr. Marshall's estate in the McCandless Township. 
     Mr. Marshall offered the use of a small house on the estate. 
     Charles told Mr. Marshall he would prefer to stay in a log cabin that
     stood on the property.  Mr. Marshall accommodated his wishes after
     Charles explained that the rustic setting would inspire him in his
     So Charles and his wife moved into the cabin. It is located about
     20 miles North of Pittsburgh, Pa. on the southern side of North Park.
     Charle's daughter Yvonne her husband Albert and their children
     traveled to the cabin and atayed for about a year. The picture
     below was taken on that visit. Try to imagine driving that car
     from Missouri to Pennsylvania in 1925.

     Charles built a studio behind the cabin and started painting the
     He had fallen in love with the area when he traveled through
     there as a young artist on his way to study in France.
     He traveled through Harpers Ferry and north through Pittsburgh
     on route to New York. Now with new life and new inspiration
     Charles was walking the countryside painting his landscapes.
     The hazy air, rolling hills and rustic buildings all gave a
     beautiful perfection that held years of work for the artist now
     in his own country. Mr. Marshall being a Judge in Pittsburgh got
     the word around and soon Charles was painting portraits of many
     distinguished people ,Jurists, industrialists, social leaders, etc.
     He painted the Hon. Charles H. Kline Mayor of Pittsburgh, 
     Rev. Dr. C. E. Macartney, E. W. Smith Attorney and President of
     the Bar Association. 
     the painting was considered one of the best portraits he had done.
     It hangs in the City County Building. Charles talent was being
     recognized in this country. He also painted several notable woman
     of the time while in Pittsburgh. 
     They were sports stars, actresses and you can see them below.

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North Park Valley Farm 18" X 13" 15" X 18" Nancy Gibson Herron Marshall Perhaps Sara Marshall Childs (1860-1936), mother of Thomas III Thomas III's sister Signature Signature Thomas M Marshall IV Signature Anderson Farm Ingomar Road Found on Ebay From Eastwood Gallery These are portraits of the famous people. Dorothy Mackaill Lady in hat Greta Garbo These paintings are of the Pennsylvania country side. North Park North Park A Lane across Looking north Looking north Kummer Rd from cabin from studio from cabin North Park North Park Pine Creek Kummer Road November North Park Autumn An earlier Charles at view from studio his work Ingomar Road Charles Thomas Heberer has artwork spread across Europe and the United States. For the sake of those who haven't had the opportunity to see his paintings, I created these pages to share all the pictures I have come across. I have spent a great deal of time trying to get pictures of as many paintings as I can find. To all the people that have sent me pictures of the paintings I would like to say thank you very very much!