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Born on :
12/07/1957 6:29 am.

Born in :
Baltimore, Maryland.

Married on :

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Died on :

Died in :
Baltimore, Maryland

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	My older sister Jeanne was born in Baltimore, Md to Carolyn Anne Gueydon and
	Norman Wendel Houk. She was the first of five children. 
	She lived just inside the city line near Harford Park for her first 8 years. 
	She got to live her childhood life in the suburban neighborhood style. 
	blowup pool in the yard, a new baby brother every so often.
	When she was 8 the family moved to Ellicott City a small mill town west of
	Baltimore. This was a country setting for the family. 
	A bigger home and 10 acres of land for a couple of horses, and goats 
	a dog, and cat and after a while, "finally" a little sister. 
	A perfect setting for a little girl to live in.
	It didn't last too long 
	though, with the family split she found herself with her mom and 
	little sister in an apartment in Carney, Md.
	She lived her remaining years 
	here seeing her brothers on visiting weekends sometimes here sometimes in
	Ellicott City. She lived 14 years 2 months and 3 days. 
	She Died on February 10, 1972, due to injuries she suffered when she was 
	struck by a car in the Eastpoint section of Baltimore County, Maryland.

	She was born on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7 1958.

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