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Born on :

Born in :
Brechamps, France.

Married on :

Married in :
Utica, South Dakota.

Died on :

Died in :
Sioux City, Iowa.

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		Yvonne Houk my grandmother on my fathers side was the second 
		child of Charles Heberer and Marcelline Prudence Leouie Anne Bonnemain. 
		She was born in Brechamps, France on November 2, 1901. 
		This is a beautiful little village southwest of Paris near Nogent-le-Roi. 

Here she is with her mother
in front of the house in Brechamps.
Is this just too cute to be real?
		In school she took english lessons along with her other classes. 
		At the age of 8 she traveled with her family to the United States. 
		This was done to establish her citizenship. Her brother stayed 
		in Illinois and later moved to South Dakota. She wrote letters to 
		her brother Charles Ogden Heberer, and talked of comming to America and 
		working on a farm with him in South Dakota.
		In 1921 she did just that. 
		She worked as a house maid for a short time and while working at this 
		farm she met Albert Eve Houk. Albert worked a farm 
		with his brothers just down the road from the farm her brother 
		Charles worked on. Remember she arrived in new York June 4th and 
		after a very short courtship she married Albert on August 25, 1921 
		in Yankton South Dakota.

This is the wedding photo.
Here she is with her husband Albert Eve Houk. She had three children. In 1922 they had their first, Marguerite. A year later they had Albert Jr. Something must have discourged them since it took ten years to have Norman.

Her Children

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