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Doon Iowa .

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Shrine of the Little Flower
Baltimore City Maryland.

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Norman is my father.

He was born in the northwest corner of Iowa in the town of Doon. 
He was the second son of Albert Eve Houk and Yvonne Heberer. 
He literally the baby of the family. Born 8 years after his 
brother Al. Norman had a thing for driving. he collected Cushman Scooters 
as a kid an later it was Cars. He followed his brothers footsteps and 
joined to navy. He was a construction electricion. While in Virginia Beach
Virginia with a fellow sailor he met Carolyn Anne Gueydan. 
She was there with here friend Mary Jo McDonough. 
They hit it off well enough that on June 25, 1955 they married.
They went on a long honeymoon, First to Niagara Fall, then through 
Canada and ending up in Sioux City Iowa. at his folks house on Grandview Avenue.
 They lived there for about 2 year before moving to Baltimore Maryland. 
Here Norman got a job with the Rouse Company as a Draftsman And started 
raising a family. He had a Daughter Carol Jeanne, and 3 sons Steven Gerard, 
Neal Witney, and Edward Vincent. He evolved into a model maker while working 
in Cross Keys and developed his skill more with the start of Columbia. 
He moved in to a house on the southwest side of Ellicott City and there 
they had their last child, Melissa.
As the Rouse Co. reached a dry spell Norman was Laid off. 
But not discourged he started his own Model and sign shop called 
Precision Models. He Made models for developers, Westinghouse, Nasa etc.
He split with Carolyn about 1968 and Married Gail Holiday in New York. 
She was to last about 8 years with Norman. They traveled and worked side by 
side for years and in his roaming work he Came across Diane L. Crist who 
became his third wife. She lasted long enough to strip Norman of 
his friends, family and wealth.
At last report he is in a home in Flordia.

Norman with one of his many cars. 

Norman as a new father.  

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