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Here is the data Born on : 26 July 1844. Born in : Centertown Cole Co. Mo. Married on : 20 Dec 1866. Married in : Missouri Died on : 17 Mar 1930 Died in : Centertown Cole Co Missouri Buried : Murray Cemetery Missouri

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Civil War

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John Thomas Pace seen here with his wife, was the son of John R Pace and Emily Taylor.

He was born on July 26, 1844 in Centertown (Cole Co.) Mo.
He married Mary Jane Bird on December 20, 1866.
According to the documents I copied from the National Archives in Washington D.C.
he was a union soldier.

Heres what I have:
Its off a letter from the Adjutant General State of Missouri.
It Certifies that John Thomas Pace was in the Civil War with the Union Forces.
He enlisted into service July 18, 1816 in company G, Osage Regiment home guards
in Miller County Missouri by Capt. Bradshaw.
Rank: Private
On August 13 1864 he was wounded in the arm at Abbeyville, Mississippi.
He was Mustered out of service April 9, 1866 in Frot Leavenworth Kansas.

			Children of John Thomas Pace and Emily Taylor:

			Benjamin Griffin pace         Born December 12, 1867 Cole Co. Mo.

  			                            Married Louisa Flippin

 			                             Died April 26, 1911.

			Joseph Franklin pace          Born August 21, 1870 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married Cora Long

 			                             Died July 9, 1962.

			Cora Isabelle Pace            Born February 13, 1872 Centertown Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married February 11, 1892.

			                              Frank D Houk

 			                             Died June 2, 1960.

			Dora Elizabeth pace           Born November 21, 1874 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married Tillman Flippin

			                              Died January 1, 1903.

			Rose Etta pace                Born May 12, 1877 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married Henry Maier

			                              Died September 14, 1930.

			Emily Jane pace               Born September 2, 1879 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married Isaac Clark

 			                              Died Apr 27, 1965

			Mary Catherine pace           Born February 20, 1882 Cole Co. Mo.

			                              Married William A Cooper

			                              Died August 28,1956

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