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Born on :

Born in :
Pfalz, Bayern

Married on :
March 18,1846.

Married in :
St. Clair County
Belleville Illinois.

Died on :
27 Oct 1903.
Died in :
106 South Richland St.
Belleville Illinois.

Buried :
Walnut Hill Cemetery.
Belleville Illinois.

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Travel Papers

Wedding Certificate

1850 Census

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Caroline Fredicker was a native of Pfalz Bayern. She was the daughter of JOANNES HENRICUS VOELKER and ANNA MARIA FLEISCHBEIN. Born about 1822 she was the youngest of at least 3 children. At the age of 16 she braved a crossing of the Atlantic with her family on August 6th 1839. I have their paper of travel. It's a Reise-Pass from Bayern for travel to Nord America. It says Caroline came here with her father Voelker and two other children. Phillipina Voelker and the other name is not legible. It says they landed in Havre de Grace. Once here would guess they traveled west by steamboat. Baltimore was a port town with steamboats going to locations all over America. I can only guess at why their destination was the Midwest. Anne had relatives in New Orleans and in Belleville Illinois. They were doing well and may have contacted the family and told them to come to America. As for her father's side I have not found any relitives living in the midwest at that time.
	She was born in Landau Bayern.
	She Married Thomas Heberer
	On March 18,1846 at the age of 23. 
	In Belleville Illinois, in St Clair County.

	She died on October 29,1903.

	I haven't collected too much on her but I will give you what I have.
	She had several sons that I know very little about. Herman was one, and 
	in his obituary it mentions that he had 10 brothers. 
	Another one was Charles Thomas Heberer.
	He was born in centralia Ill.
	She is Buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery sec 805 along side 
	her husband, his brother Adam, and their son Herman next to a very large tree.
	There is also a 14 year old Ewald heberer that died on April 29,1872
	buried there. Her son Ewald like her husband contracted an illness that
	quickly over came them.

Their children(Some links don't work yet.

Herman V. Abel L. Ewald V. Charles

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