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 alphabetical listof everyone 
 related to the family that 
 I have data on.

 My direct line: is a link table 
 with everyone I have found in 
 my family ancestry going 
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 The cemetery has pictures 
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Houk Family Tree News

It's 2018

Well it's Summer and I've been neglecting my site do to the weather.
Great Weather!
I've been canoeing, biking, and garage saling. soon to add 
I found this old video of Katherine with one of her Friends.
bugga's buddy
Ive secured the houkfamilytree for the next 10 years.
GoDaddy worked with me to get it all up and running in a 
new realm. Nothing changes on your end.

I started this year with a shut down on godaddy.
nothing major but I was down for four days.
I've been working on some Houcks on Oregon.
Yes Hou"C"ks I was intrested in the James Houck family
that came from Pennsylvania. Could we all have come from the
same family. Would be great to do a DNA test of both to find out.

I also mapped Ralph Houk for those who want to see if
they are releated.

1.  2013 Christmas Photos
3.  I have new data on Martha E. Prine family tree I will be adding 
    next month.
4.  Since I moved to Houk Family Tree.com I have lots of storage 
    space and I will take full advantage of it by adding all the 
    Birth, Death, Census, and Marrage records that I have collected. 
    I can add any that you have collected as well. You can send 
    photos, scans, copies etc. 

    Just contact me at the address below. 

Letters From You

December 4, 2013

Steve, Thank you for getting back to me. I am so sorry to hear 
about your eyesight and I do not wish to be a burden to you. 
There is an issue that you might be able to clarify however: 
On Ancestry.com it once read that Kenneth Raymond Houk was married
 to Ida Grace Ghan, whereas on the Houk family site his name is 
Raymond Delinger Houk.  My inclination is to trust the family 
information, but Ancestry often has access to the microfiched records;
 who knows. My mom told me his name was Ray Houk. 
I know that I am part Houk anyway; just which one I'm not sure of. 
Thank you again, Mike.

June 7, 2008

 Hi Steve Jen & Bugga
 Just cruised through your updated website..Great Job!!  Lots of 
 work to get it to that point I can see!!
 I'm having a show in July of paintings from my Europe trip...
 here's one of Brechamps I thought you'd enjoy.
 Hope you're all doing well and enjoying a sweet springtime!


Carols - Thumb

May 22, 2008

 bonjour, je ne parles pas anglais!!Je m'appelle Nicole,J'habite a la 
 TOUR d'AIGUES dans le vaucluse en France;Depuis le mois d'aout
 2008  je loue une petite maison dans le village  .cette maison 
 est mitoyenne d'une autre maison que je n'ai jamais vu ouverte
 depuis 10 ans que j'habites   dans ce village. Ce batiment partagé
 en 2 maisons est une chapelle construite en 1669 (a peu prés) 
 par un monsieur J.gueydan. 
 Elle a été vendue semble t-il en 1870 a differents prorietaires
 au cours des annés.On m'a raconté  que lors des derniers
 travaux  réalisés pour faire l'appartement ou j'habite, on avait 
 trouvé dans le sol ,3 tombes :1 femme 1homme,1enfant mais que l'on 
 arecouvert tout ceci rapidement pour que les Monuments Historiques 
 ne s'en melent pas;Cette chapelle s'appelait :Notre dame de Pitre 
 ou Notre Dame des Aires ,ces renseignements m'ont été donnés par 
 diverses personnes mais je n'ai pas de documents;Je n'ai pas encore
 eu le temps de les rechercher ;Si cela vous intérèsse  vous pouvez 
 m'ecrire ,Si c'est en anglais  un ami traduira pour moi ; amicalement    

February 29, 2008

 Johannes Martin May

 b 17.02.1730 Gross-Umstadt
 d 22.09.1788 Gross-Umstadt
 m 23.02.1768 Gross-Umstadt

 Eva Maria Eidmann

 b 10.03.1749 Gross-Umstadt
 d 16.11.1813 Gross-Umstadt

 They had three daughters.

 Anna Catharina May

 b 23.03.1778 Gross-Umstadt
 d 23.10.1852 Gross-Umstadt
 m 07.05.1801 Gross-Umstadt

 Johannes Seibert

 b 01.10.1779 Gross-Umstadt
 d 10.11.1826 Gross-Umstadt

 Anna Maria May

 b 20.03.1781 Gross-Umstadt
 m 28.06.1804 Gross-Umstadt

 Wendel Knobloch

 Regina Magdalena May

 b 16.12.1787 Gross-Umstadt
 m 08.08.1779 Gross Umstadt

 Johann Thomas Heberer

 b Oct 1779

 Seibert and Knobloch emigrated in 1832 Heberer 
 emigrated in 1831 or 1832.

 Information furnished to me by Hessische 
 familiengeschichtliche Vereinigung e.V., 
 Karolinenplatz 3, 64289 Darmstadt 
 (Staatsarchiv)  2007


December 28, 2007

Dear members of the Houk family,
I thought you might be interested in seeing a photo of
the painting I have by Charles Herberer   "St.Valary
en Caux" 1891 oil on canvas 24" x 32"  Please find the
attached jpeg of the Heberer painting.

(you can see this painting on the Charles Herberer 
page using the Sir Name list at the top.)

July 2, 2007

 Dear Sir -

 I am assisting Mr. Turner Reuter in completing research
 for his forthcoming reference work, A History of Animal
 and Sporting Art in America, 1650  -1950, that is to be
 published at the end of this year by the National 
 Sporting Library in Middleburg, VA.  I saw your website
 on your great grandfather Charles Heberer, who is 
 included in our book. 
 You have a very thorough biography on the artist. 
 Is much of your information based on your family's 
 I really enjoyed the artworks on your pages, especially
 the portraits of the gun dogs! 
 If you would be willing to send me the information 
 that's on your website, I'll be able to complete the 
 biography on your great grandfather. 
 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
 call the number below. 
 Thank you for your attention and I look forward to
 hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Abby Starliper
Turner Reuter Inc t/a Red Fox Fine Art