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Born on :

Born in :
Baltimore City Maryland.

Married on :

Married in :
Baltimore City Maryland..

Died on :

Died in :
Baltimore City Maryland.

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Wedding Certificate

1930 Census

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			Jeanette was the first child of Louis Thilmany and 
			Katherine  D. Butz. 

			Here she is with her children.
			Joseph, Marguerite, Jeanette M., Jeanette C., and 
			Carolyn in front with her Back turned.

She added the name Gueydan to hers when she married Edouard Joseph Gueydan a chef at a hotel at the time. Children of Jeanette Thilmany and Edouard Gueydan are: Joseph Francis Gueydan Jeanette Gueydan Carolyn Anne Gueydan Marguerite Cecilia Gueydan

			Here is a picture of Edouard with his wife and Children. 
			It is the only picture I have seen with the whole family together.
			Edouard and Jeanette
			Carolyn and Marguerite
			Jeanette and Joseph

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