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Family Page:
Here are some photos I have collected

     Edouard in Rear with
     Lucie Marie Left
     Louise Elise Right
     Joseph Francis Front

Nice Suit

Whole Family

At The Beach

Baltimore's Finest

With Friend

Traffic Duty

Wedding Photo

Ed With New Wife

Jeanette with kids

The only picture 
I have seen with the
whole family together

Jeanette at home

Here are some Documents
I have collected

Wedding Cert

Death Anouncment

News story

1930 Census

Edouard's Mass Card

Jeanette's Mass Card

These are my Grandparents
on my mothers side.
If you're trying to find your relationship to me.

You will find source information like Death Certificates
by clicking on the date of death and marriage records in the
Marriage information field etc..
Edouard Joseph Gueydan
22 Feb 1907
Baltimore City, Maryland
14 Mar 1950 Death Cert
Baltimore City, Maryland
Jeanette Catherine Thilmany
13 Jul 1905
Baltimore City, Maryland
26 Nov 1984
Baltimore City, Maryland
Marriage Information
26 Jun 1929 Baltimore City, Marland Wed Cert

Edouard Joseph was the only child of Joseph Gueydan
and Elise Vincent that was born in Baltimore Maryland.
His one brother Joseph and two sisters
Louise and Lucy were born in New York.
Name Born Married Died
Joseph Francis 23 Apr 1930 Patricia Anne Hurst 20 Jun 1980
Jeanette Mary 31 Jul 1931 John Raymond Rockstroh 12 Aug 1981
Carolyn Anne 10 Mar 1933 Norman Wendell Houk Living
Marguerite Cecilia 03 Feb 1935 Jon Leland Baker 07 Feb 2005

At the time Edouard met and married 
Jeanette he was a chef at the Stratford 
Hotel in Baltimore City. He later joined 
the Baltimore City Police Dept. and became a 
Detective. He did under cover work investigating 
establishments that sold illegal liquor and paid out 
on marble games.
You can read the news article, to the left, about his 
exploits. His colorful antics became too well known 
for him to continue undercover work so he transferred 
to traffic. According to his daughter Carolyn Jeanette 
he was very silly. Everyone enjoyed being around Ed. 
Thanks to Cathey Krammer and Patsy Ryan and a couple 
of trips to the state archives I was able to 
provide all that is on this updated page. 
I'm just sorry it took so long to get it together.