They were from two
 different worlds. 
 However he had been to
 hers during the 1st world

 She came to America to
 visit her brother on a 
 farm in Utica South Dakota.
 and met a man that been
 to her world and spoke her
 She needed a way off the
 farm she was stuck on
 She married her way out.
 Within two years they
 had two children.
 They packed a car and
 drove from South Dakota
 to Alison Park Pennsylvania.
 To visit her father and

 Al Owned a hardware store,
 Grain elevator, and farms.

 I have so many photos
 of my grand parents I
 think I'll need a 
 gallery to show them all. 


Albert my Grand Father was the son of Frank D Houk
and second wife Cora Isabelle Pace.

Yvonne Houk my grandmother on my fathers side was the second
child of Charles Heberer and Marcelline Prudence Leouie Anne Bonnemain.
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Albert Eve Houk
December 31, 1894
Centertown Cole Co Missouri
May 11 1958
Sioux City Iowa
Yvonne Heberer
November 2 1901
Brechamps France
March 1 1995
Morningside Sioux City Iowa

Yvonne sent news of her first child over seas to her parents but, by the time they came to visit her had a som also. In the 20's they drove across the country from Missouri to Pennsylvania. They brought the kids and stayed with her family in a log cabin in Allison Park.

05 August 1922
07 September 1923
26 June 1932
Robert Charles Madsen
1st Frances Virginia Ledbetter
Carolyn Anne Gueydan
05 December 2007
09 October 1995
17 March 2011

Albert is my Grandfather on my fathers side.

Albert worked on farms around the midwest most of his early life. In 1917 Al went to the Sweeney automotive school in Kansas City, Missouri. Which may have influenced his career in the army where he became an ambulance driver. I have a picture of the 138 ambulance co. 35th Division at Camp Doniphan in Oklahoma dated March 31, 1918. He kept some of his apparel which was passed down to me. His helmit, ambulance bag, arm band and trench kit, etc. During WWI he was stationed in France. After the war he worked with his brother John and August on a general farm in Utica, Yankton county South Dakota in the 1920's. Next to this farm was a visiting girl visiting from France. She came (she thought) to visit her brother. He told the farm owners she was coming and would be their house maid. She was not happy when she found out. Somehow they ran into each other. He could speak French, was handsome, and wooed her into marriage.

Photo to left:
Al in school group photo.
Still in Meno South Dakota.
Still in Meno South Dakota.
Visit with Vadar's family on route to Missouri.
Young Al.

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